drummer, composer, producer

In an artistic career that spans over twentyfive years, Andrea Centazzo has given more than
1000 concerts and live performances in Europe and the United States, as well as having
appeared and performed on numerous radio and television broadcasts. He has recorded over
60 LP's and CD's, and has authored 350 compositions and eight musicology books. His
musical endeavors and creative expression range from the sublime to the passionate, from
lyric opera to orchestral symphony and solo percussion. He has performed in momentous
festivals as soloist of his own compositions or as conductor of symphonic orchestras. Centazzo
is a pioneer of contemporary percussion. In the early years, he performed with some of the
greatest avant-garde soloists and composers, including J. Zorn, S. Bussotti, S. Lacy, D.
Cherry, A. Mangellsdorf, E. Parker, etc. Deservedly, Centazzo has received a number of
prestigious music and video Awards (Premio Speciale della Critica Discografica Italiana, USA
Downbeat Poll, International Video Festival Tokyo, Prix Arcanal of French Culture, etc.) A
doctoral graduate in musicology, he has taught seminars and workshops in Europe and the
USA. Since 1983, Centazzo has been dedicated to creating multi-media experiences. This
expansion began with an exhibition of his scores rendered as painted ideograms, and evolved
into video performances combining both live performance with video images. These efforts
culminated in his directing award-winning videos and films. As a soundtrack composer, he
unites traditional instrumentation with current technological advances in musical expression
through sampling machines and computers. These efforts give a new perspective to the fusion
of sound and image through his theatre, television, video, CD rom, and feature film scores.
The music of A.C. captures and expresses the rhythm and pulse of life by synthesizing the
mystery of Oriental percussive vibrations with the timbral harmonic understanding of
contemporary music and the soul of jazz and rock post-culture. A.C. continues to contribute his
unique artistic vision to the evolution of contemporary culture.
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