Marcello is available for classes, lectures,
presentations, and 3-4-day clinics in English,
Spanish, and Italian. He has a huge list of
topics readily available, and he delivers the
results of his own original research on
each topic.
He may also be commissioned a new work
requiring specific research.

is internationally known as an authority on black music, although his research extends beyond
it. He published a book on John Coltrane, essays for encyclopaedias, books, and periodicals,
translations of Gunther Schuller’s Early Jazz and The Swing Era, and record liner notes,
developed a new method for jazz structural analysis, held masterclasses on
performance practice, and lectured in Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.
By 2001-2002 he worked at the Center for Black Music Research, Chicago, and at the
University of Michigan, as Executive Editor of the MUSA series.
He currently lives in Mexico, studying the black influence on Baroque music and writing an
Afrocentric music history from Stone Age to present, integrating palaeontology, evolutionism,
human brain phylogenesis, linguistics, and archaeology.

The following presentations are ready:

-  100,000 Years of African Music: A Very Quick History
-  Mesomedes' Hymns: Was Ancient Greek Music Greek?
-  African Slaves in European Music: A Not-So-Well-Kept Secret
-  The Black Musical Influence in Baroque Mexico
-  Alessandro Stradella's Moro per amore: Race Issues in 17th-Century Mediterranean
-  The Black Musical Influence in Baroque Peru
-  African and Brazilian Elements in Domenico Scarlatti's Harpsichord Sonatas
-  The Kyrie of José Mauricio's Masses: Setting the Text or the Context?
-  Louis Moreau Gottschalk: A Case of Untimely Birth
-  Scott Joplin's Late Rags as Narratives
-  Signifying in Scott Joplin's Treemonisha
-  The Non-Origins of Jazz
-  Jelly-Roll Morton's Caribbean Musical Roots
-  Ottorino Respighi and Black Music
-  Jazz in Italy: An Untold Story
-  Duke Ellington's Descriptive Vocabulary
-  Duke Ellington's Liberian Suite: A Masonic Message
-  John Lewis' One Never Knows: Characters, Themes, and Symbols
-  Bob Graettinger: Above the Treeline
- I primi 16 minuti della conferenza tenuta a
Puebla il 21 novembre 2013 (in spagnolo).

- The first 16 minutes of the lecture I held in
Puebla on November 21, 2013.

- Los primeros 16 minutos de mi ponencia
en Puebla, el 21 de noviembre de 2013.
Photo by Ed Berger
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