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Tommaso Moretti
drummer, composer

born on May 5th, 1982 in Macerata (Marche,Italy). His interest in music began at an early age
having been raised in a household of avid music lovers. His family listened to jazz, classical,
and rock music and both his parents are musicians-his father is a drummer and his mother a
pianist. At the age of 11, his father pushes him towards drums and teaches him rudiments and
rhythms. Tommaso preferred to learn by listening to various styles of music (mostly 90’s
alternative rock). Between the years of 96-98 he studies drums with the jazz drummer Massimo
Manzi in Macerata. At around this time he is also active in the local music scene in Macerata
with 3 bands: Riott (metal-alternative), Suicidal Dreams (grunge punk), and Angolo Retto (rock
funk). In 2000 he starts the band Egg (cross-over) and records with them an album that begins
his career playing live shows all over Italy.

After obtaining his high school diploma in languages, he moves to Rome to study political
science at La Sapienza University. He immediately starts to meet local musicians and immerse
himself in the local music scene. In 2004 he starts the band Thrangh, an instrumental jazz-
prog-avant garde quartet, and Tribraco, a jazz rock trio quartet. With both bands he records
albums and plays many venues and festivals all around Italy. In 2007 he joins the hardcore
metal band The Orange Man Theory and immediately leaves on a European tour and the
following year flies with them to Nashville, TN (USA) to record an album.

Once receiving his degree in political science in 2006, he shifts his musical interest into a
professional career. He starts to work at The Symposium School of Music in Rome as a drum
teacher and as a band director for students. Around this time he also starts his collaboration
with A.I.G.A.M. (an Italian association for teaching the Gordon Music Theory) playing regularly
on concerts (powered by A.i.g.a.m) for families at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and
in other locations all over Italy. In 2008 he enrolls in a training course called “The Child’s
Musical Education From 0-6 Years Old” which is focused on the Edwin Gordon Music Theory
and successfully completes the course and receives certification to teach this theory in
nurseries and infant schools. Since receiving his certification in 2008, Tommaso has been a
music teacher in various nurseries and infant schools and has also taught percussion classes
in a Roman public primary school.

During the Summer of 2008 and 2009 he attends various music workshops in Sardinia with
Roberto Dani, Dave Douglas, Ken Vandermark, Enzo Carpentieri, and performs with Ernst
Dawkins  during a special workshop called “The Binomial Tradition: Chicago and the avant

Since 2008, Tommaso has worked hard to improve his live career by touring and performing
extensively all over Europe and the United States (mosty with the Orange man Theory and
Tribraco) but also in Italy joining new projects like "Underdog" and "Solf jazz trio" and keeping
play hundreds of family concerts with A.I.G.A.M. musicians.

Between 2010 and 2013 he coltivated international musical collaborations in Chicago (where
he moved permanently in 2013 and founded brand new projects like Tasty Gasolne and Tones
for Tongue's Tales) and in London joining the"Match and Fuse" project (an international
program of european band support powered by  the European Union and the United Kingdom.